Antiche Pietre della Bottega is a trademark of GRASSI 1880 CAVE

Cultural heritage without the man would not have its own identity.

Preserving traditions and culture means not to fall into oblivion forever a part of our history. In the millennial city of Nanto, located on the slopes of the Berici hills, our stonemasons, heirs of the artisan culture handed down by our ancestors, today they work the local stone Giallo Dorato performing hand models and sculptures of great aesthetic prestige thus helping to perpetuate the message of civilization.

All of our sculptures are entirely hand-made in Giallo Dorato.

With the unit Antiche Pietre della Bottega, Grassi 1880 Cave is not only construction and design but also becomes the home of sculptors and artisans who for decades are working the stone extracted from our quarries.

There are many models that we have made available to our customers and we are obviously specialized in the customization of requests works.

... With Antiche Pietre della Bottega stone and the sea continue to tell ...